Many exhibits can be found outside the museum.

Our fireless locomotive Sir James was used at HM Factory Gretna to transport explosive materials across the 9 mile site without causing dangerous sparks.

The museum also harks back to the home front of World War Two with its very own Dig for Victory Garden. Here the same fruit and vegetables that were grown by thousands of Britons during World War are produced for use in the museum cafe.

Next to the garden is our Anderson Shelter which was used in World War Two to provide shelter for British civilians and keep them safe from German air raids.

Discover what life was like for soldiers in the World War One trenches and for the thousands of Munitions Girls who flocked to work at HM Factory Gretna.

Find out more about the remarkable lives of Local Lads and Gretna Girls in our interactive touchscreens.

Children will enjoy our hands-on interactives. Don’t forget to stamp your special factory pass as you go around the museum…you’ll receive a reward if you find all the stamps!

Round off your visit by browsing our well-stocked shop or treating yourself to some delicious home baking in our Gretna Girls Café.