History of the Museum

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A group of people move The Devil's Porridge Museum's Nitrating Pans in to place St John’s Church.

From Rags to Riches

After 25 Years The Devil’s Porridge Tastes Better than Ever


This exhibition tells the 25-year story of how 100 volunteers and staff worked together to make a fantastic success of a museum which should never have been. In the beginning, there were two local Councillors who wanted to put Eastriggs on the map. Richard Brodie and Alan MacKay raised £10,000 money from the council to complete a study: would a museum based on Eastriggs’ amazing WW1 story be feasible? The consultants shook their heads half-way through the study. The story of the greatest factory on earth was doomed to financial failure! Despite all odds, we managed to develop our small exhibition at the back of St John’s Church into today’s 5-star accredited museum.


Photo of The Devil’s Porridge Museum’s nitrating pans (or porridge pots) being moved into place in St John’s Church. You can see more photos like this in the History of the Museum exhibition.

Learn more by taking a look at our History of the Museum exhibition during your visit to The Devil’s Porridge Museum, which will run to the 31st August 2022.

You can book your visit to the museum online here: https://www.devilsporridge.org.uk/product/tickets

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