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Photo of William Gidley Emmett

William Gidley Emmett

William Gidley Emmett 

William Gidley Emmett was the manager of the Cordite Section at Mossband from early 1916 onwards. His background had been in explosives, having already worked in Japan. Following the Great War, he had a successful career travelling the world in the oil refining industry. He later changed careers and became an educationalist, studying the statistical efficacy of examinations at Edinburgh University.…

Photo of Edward Spencer

Edward Spencer

‘Many examples of heroic conduct were displayed in times of emergency by the staff and workers of H.M. Factory Gretna. At Dornock around about four thirty in the afternoon on November 5th 1917, due to an oversight, spent acid was run from No 2 Nitrator, Hill 1, into a charge of Nitro-glycerine which was being washed in the pre-wash tank.…

Photo of John Guilfoyle Williams

John Guilfoyle Williams

Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : John Guilfoyle Williams

Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth: 19/10/1896 Nottingham

Date and Place of Death: 30/04/1979 Ealing age 82

Nationality: British




Parents: Richard Edward and Ida Charlotte Williams

Parent’s occupations: Water Works Inspector

Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: London University

Occupation: Chemist BSc ACS

Place of residence at Gretna: Staff Quarters No.1, Eastrigg, Dornock

Job title at Gretna: Chemist at Dornock

Marital status: Married Elsie Annie Fisher 1925 Q4

Children: Richard Guilfoyle Williams (b.1926) and Mary Williams (b.1928)

Travels: Montreal, Canada

Awards/recognitions: ACS

Trivia / any other information: 



Books published (Title, year of publication, publisher): 

  • “Textiles on test.