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Photo of Amelia Charlotte Edith Willson

Amelia Charlotte Edith Willson

Women’s Police Service



Date and place of birth :  8 December 1886 at Alnwick, Northumberland

Date and place of Death :

March Quarter of 1969 In Croyden Registation District of London

Nationality: British

Biography:  Amelia grew up in Northumberland with her siblings:

James William Kelly Willson 1884

Eileen Cecelia Florence Willson 1887

Daisy Lucy Cordial Willson 1888

John Henry Augustus Willson 1890

Lucan Augustus John Willson 1891

Francis Cecil Cordial Willson 1892

Gladys Beatrice Mary Willson 1894


John Willson married Cecelia Elizabeth Cordial 1882 in Mullingar District of Ireland.

Parents occupation :  John was Quarter Master/Buglar with Northumberland Fusiliers

Schools Universities attended and years of attendance – Amelia’s father died when she was only 7 years old. She was sent to a school in Hampstead.

Place of residence at Gretna:  Police Barracks No.1, Gretna

Marital status:  Single

Children: No

Job title at Gretna  :  Policewoman

Travels – Amelia had a trip to New York after the WW2

Awards/recognitions: Nil known

Trivia/any other information: Nil Known








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