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Photo of Anna Crichton Fergusson

Anna Crichton Fergusson

Birthplace St Ninians ScotlandPlace of Death Dundee Date of Birth: December 19, 1899 Date of Death: May 1, 1988


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Anna Crichton Fergusson
Gender: Female
Date and place of birth: 19th December 1899, St Ninian’s , Stirlingshire
Date and Place of Death: 1st May 1988, Dundee
Nationality: Scottish
Childhood: Youngest of 4, mother died when she was 2 and father remarried twice having 8 more children
Parents: Peter Fergusson and Marion nee Henry
Parents occupations: Fish Dealer
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K
Occupation: Cordite operative
Place of residence at Gretna: N/K
Marital status: Married
Children: 5
Travels: N/K
Awards/recognitions: N/K
Positions held: N/K
Trivia / any other information: Yes

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Mini Biography

Anna Crichton Fergusson 1899-1988

Anna Crichton Ferguson was born on 19th December 1899,  Stirlingshire  to Peter Fergusson and Marion nee Henry.

1901- living at  West Hayfield, St Ninians,  Stirlingshire. Father a fish dealer . Anna is the youngest of 4 children.

1902 mother died

1903 father married again and had 8 more children.

WW1- There  is a photo of “Anna Crichton Fergusson, who later became  Anna Preston.  The picture was taken in 1917 in Carlisle Scotland. This was when Anna was making munitions in Gretna and was a day off from work.” Courtesy of Ancestry Public member tree.

1918 – father was widowed.

1920 – father married again and went to Montreal in 1925-

A second story from an Ancestry Public Member Tree

“Married Glasgow 21st January 1922 John Preston – 4 children After the war Anna Crichton Fergusson worked in Glasgow as a parlour maid in one of the big houses in Bearsden area of Glasgow. Her experiences working in these large houses made her an excellent cook. She rarely used her skills, but as kids er always loved when Anna Fergusson cooked. Even something as simple as her toasted bread was always perfect. The bread was perfectly golden and she would sprinkle cinnamon on top. A memory that has stayed with both myself and two elder sisters. There was also the beautiful caper sauce that she made on Christmas Day to go with the turkey. It was while in- service that Anna Crichton Fergusson met John Preston. John was working as a footman/chauffer when they worked for the same family. Not long after they were married they moved to Dundee. Her husband had “moved up ” in the world and he found a job as a foreman at the Gasworks in Dundee. Anna worked in the jute mills in Dundee along with thousands of other women. She was very proud of the hard work she did in these factories. The noise of the machines clattering all-day left her hard of hearing in her later years, but like most other women brought-up in the mills she was very good at lip reading. Anna Crichton Fergusson Preston and John Preston had five children”

Anna died on 1st May 1988 in Dundee aged about 90

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