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Photo of Florence May Oxborrow

Florence May Oxborrow

Welfare Supervisor
Birthplace Southampton Place of Death Winchester Date of Birth: May 5, 1896 Date of Death: November 1, 1996



Date and place of birth:  5 May 1896, Southampton, Hampshire

Date and place of death:  Florence lived to be 100 years old in spite of having been designated as “incapacitated” in the 1939 Register: She died in November 1996 in Winchester, Hampshire

Nationality: British

Biography:  Florence had two siblings:

Alfred William Oxborrow 1887

Alice Maud Oxborrow 1890


Samuel Oxborrow and Hephzibah Shearmen, who married May 1885

Parents occupation:  Samuel was a Blacksmith, Hephzibah was a dressmaker
Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: Not known

Occupation: Not known

Place of residence at Gretna: Florence was based in Gretna: she lived at 17 T East, according to the Eastriggs and Gretna Electoral Rolls 1918-1919

Job Title at Gretna: Welfare Supervisor

Marital Status: Single

Children: Nil known
Travels: Nil known
Awards/Recognitions: Nil known
Trivia/any other information: Nil known





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