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Photo of Madeline Ida Bedford

Madeline Ida Bedford

Munitions Worker
Birthplace Greater London Woolwich England Date of Birth: September 10, 1894 Date of Death: February 4, 1956


Madeline Ida Bedford
Gender: Female
Date and Place of Birth: 10th September 1884 at Woolwich, London
Date and Place of Death: 

Name: Madeline Ida Bolton Morris
Death Date: 4 Feb 1956
Death Place: London, England
Probate Date: 2 May 1956
Probate Registry: London, England
Nationality: British

Madeline Ida Bedford. Image taken from public Ancestry Tree


Childhood: Madeline grew up with her brother and sisters in London

Ellen b 1878 in India

Alice Mildred b 1882 Woolwich

Grace Doris b 1891 Woolwich but died before her first birthday

Edward Terence Berlyn b 1896 Dartford died in WW1


Parent’s occupations: Edward was a Civil Engineer
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: Not known
Occupation: Not Known
Place of residence at Gretna: Not Known
Job title at Gretna: Not known
Marital status: Madeline married Ernest Bolton Morris

in London 24 June 1919


Ernest and Madeline had one daughter – Madeline Bolton Morris born 1922 in Greenwich, London.

Travels:  Nil known
Awards/recognitions: Nil known
Trivia / any other information: 

Madeline became known as a Wartime poet during WW1


  1. The Young Captain. Fragments of war and love. In verse

              by Madeline Ida Bedford | 1 Jan 1917 pub 



Madeline’s Poems in ‘Scars Upon my Heart’ are below:

Munition Wages

Earning high wages?
Yus, Five quid a week.
A woman, too, mind you,
I calls it dim sweet.

Ye’are asking some questions –
But bless yer, here goes:
I spends the whole racket
On good times and clothes.

Me saving? Elijah!
Yer do think I’m mad.
I’m acting the lady,
But – I ain’t living bad.

I’m having life’s good times.
See ‘ere, it’s like this:
The ‘oof come o’ danger,
A touch-and-go bizz.

We’re all here today, mate,
Tomorrow – perhaps dead,
If Fate tumbles on us
And blows up our shed.

Afraid! Are yer kidding?
With money to spend!
Years back I wore tatters,
Now – silk stockings, mi friend!

I’ve bracelets and jewellery,
Rings envied by friends;
A sergeant to swank with,
And something to lend.

I drive out in taxis,
Do theatres in style.
And this is mi verdict –
It is jolly worth while.

Worth while, for tomorrow
If I’m blown to the sky,
I’ll have repaid mi wages
In death – and pass by.

The Parson’s Job

What do you want
Coming to this ‘ere ‘ell?
Ain’t it enough to know he’s dead.
Killed by a bit o’ German lead?
What! – the Lord means well?

I guess ye are daft!
He’s one o’ the good ‘uns, Jim:
Natures gentleman, rough but true
He didn’t know ‘ow to sin
But – what is that to you?

You make me sick
Why should he die.
When forger Wright wins a V.C.
And criminal Kelly catches a spy?
That don’t spell Justice to me.

Get out, or I’ll strike you down.
I’m carrying his kid.
Do you call that fair?
Gawd – no wonder I want to gib;
Our first-born, and his father – where?

You hold your tongue.
What he said of our child
Ain’t for you to be teaching me.
He called ‘Our little blossom wild’,
Why – can’t yer let me be!

I hate your religion;
I don’t want gold;
I only want my man
What? It’s in me to enfold
Jim in my babyland?

Gawd bless yer, Parson,
I’ll try to think right
Upon my widowed way.
So Jim ain’t quite out o’ sight?
Teach me – ‘ow to pray.



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