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Photo of William Blackley Thomson

William Blackley Thomson

Birthplace St Giles Edinburgh Place of Death Edinburgh Date of Birth: April 19, 1871



Date and place of birth:  19 April 1871 St. Giles, Edinburgh, Midlothian

Date and place of death:  1939 Edinburgh, Midlothian

Nationality: British

Biography:  William came from a large family raised in Scotland:

Jane Thomson 1867

Archibald Thomson 1869

Jessie Thomson 1873

Margaret Thomson 1877

Robina Thomson 1881

Arthur Thomson 1886


John Thomson married Jane Blackley 29 December 1865, Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Parents occupation:

Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: Not known

Occupation: William was a Fireman for the Merchant Navy for many years.

Place of residence at Gretna: 13 Annan Road, Eastriggs

Job Title at Gretna: Firemaster

Marital Status:

William married Grace R Saunders in Edinburgh St.Andrew 1902

Children: Nil known

Travels: Nil known

Awards/Recognitions: Nil known
Trivia/any other information:

Document that was presented to J C Burnham at the end of his service at Gretna, held in the collection at The Devil’s Porridge Museum. Mr Thomson






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