Catch and Release Card Game


This game was made by the Annan Haaf Net Project. A card game for 2 players or more!

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Catch and Release Card Game by the Annan Haaf Net Project.

Preserving and promoting the cultural and historical significance of haaf net fishing.

By the Annan Common Good Fund Sub-Committee in partnership with Annan Royal Burgh Fisherman’s Association and the Royal Burgh of Annan Community Council


The aim of the game is to cast your net and score as many points as you can by catching the winning catches!

A player scores points if they place a ‘Haaf Netter’ card on top of a Salmon, Grilse, Trout, Mullet or Flounder, they will then catch some points.

Players can lose points if they get a ‘Burst Net’, ‘Stuck in Sand’ or ‘Get Wet’. Other players can reduce your catch by getting a ‘Released Fish’ card.

The rules of the game is that the players should set a winning number of points and the first player to reach the target wins.