Cumbria at War DVD


Capture the spirit of wartime Cumbria in this unique film.

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Cumbria at War DVD

The Home Front

Written and produced by Andrew Leitch

Capture the spirit of wartime Cumbria in this unique film.  Using rarely seen material, find out what life was really like.  Cumbria at war takes you into a world of evacuees and Prisoner of War camps, daring escapes and devastation caused by the blitz.

We find out about the Land Girls and Bevin Boys and see the Home Guard training.  Discover how the county played its part in the secret war and find out why one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District was transformed into a cast aircraft factory.

Watching this film will be a moving experience not only for those who lived through the war but also for those too young to have experienced such momentous years.  It is a lasting impression of wartime life against a backdrop of bombs and black-outs where both young and old discovered they had a very special fighting spirit.

Approximate running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

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