This is the story of a Scottish Tower dating all the way back to 1245 in the South West of Scotland which has been inhabited for around 600 years. This story follows the house through history and how it has changed over the years.

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Elshieshields: The Story of a Scottish Tower 1245-2018

By Ann Shukman


With five historical household inventories deciphered and annotated by Cathy Gibb

Paperback book, 127 pages with colour photos throughout


This description of the books content is from the books jacket:


This is the story of Elshieshields, a Scottish tower house which has been continuously inhabited for over 600 years. The story, based on archive material, shows how the changes and additions to the house over the centuries reflected the changes in Scottish society, from the time of the lawless reivers, to the Enlightenment, and the peaceful years after the Union. For 500 years this uniquely beautiful tower house was the home of the Johnston’s and their descendants  – the Edgars, the Dickson’s and the eccentric Byrnes, who eventually gambled the property away. Ann Shukman recounts how her uncle, the historian Steven Runciman, found and fell in love with the house in 1966 and made it his home and library for over three decades. She tells of the challenges that she faced on inheriting the place in 2000, and the discoveries that she made inside the house. Five unique household inventories deciphered and annotated by Cathy Gibb of the Dumfries and Galloway Archive Centre add a vivid picture of the lives of Elshieshields previous inhabitants.