Reading Romany


A look at G. Bramwell Evens, a Methodist minister who was in Gretna during World War One.

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The Sky is as Blue as a Hedge-Sparrow’s Egg: Reading Romany

By David Barnaby

George Bramwell Evens, (1884-1943) was one of the most loved broadcasters of his day.

He was Methodist minister but in the 1930s he was known by everyone as Romany of the BBC. He had an intimate knowledge of the natural world and a gift for vivid communication. His natural history programmes led thousands of children to love of the wonders of the countryside.

In this affectionate study, David Barnaby explores the world Romany created.

David Barnaby has written over a dozen books. He is an amateur naturalist, a jazz drummer, a saxophone quartet player and a circus enthusiast.

271 pages with illustrations and photographs. Published by Bookcase in 2018.

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