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climate emergency

Creative Writing for The Climate Emergency

By Events

Immerse yourself in our empowering Creative Writing for the Planet workshop, where Rachelle Atalla, author of ‘Thirsty Animals’ will guide you in crafting stories of hope in the midst of climate change.  Taking action not only alleviates eco-anxiety but also catalyzes positive change.  This workshop will offer a fresh perspective on the planet’s crisis, transforming your eco-anxiety into narratives of optimism.

‘Rachelle Atalla is an award-winning novelist, short story writer and screenwriter based in Glasgow. She has a particular interest in speculative, climate-change focused stories. Rachelle is currently working on her forth novel ‘The Refinery’ exploring the legacy of oil and gas and imaging a future of clean energy. She loves engaging with readers and writers of all ages through author events and workshops.’

This activity is free of charge, and we will provide all the necessary materials.

This workshop is ideal for teenagers 11+

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