The Contribution of the Commonwealth

A new exhibition at the Devil’s Porridge Museum

June-September 2019

In 1915, Britain was in crisis.  There was a shortage of ammunition.  The government was toppled and a new man took the lead – David Lloyd George.  He was appointed Minister for Munitions and tasked with turning the tide of the war.

David Lloyd George

Photo above is David Lloyd George

An urgent cable was sent to South Africa.  There was one man who had the skills and expertise needed and he came via steam boat to London.  That man was Kenneth Bingham Quinan ‘the great KBQ’ and his efforts would transform the British War effort.


Photo above is Kenneth Bingham Quinan

Quinan’s crowning glory was HM Factory Gretna (the story of which is the main focus of the Devil’s Porridge Museum).  Scientists and engineers came from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Canada and India.

25 year service medal

This exhibition explores some of their stories and the mark they left behind in the village of Eastriggs (the site of the Devil’s Porridge Museum).  Eastriggs is ‘the Commonwealth village’ as the majority of its street names are derived from locations in the Commonwealth (such as Singapore Road, Vancouver Avenue, The Rand etc.)

This exhibition will run daily until September and is included in the museum admission charge.


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