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We can offer schools a variety of object boxes filled with interesting document and object replicas from historical eras! A knowledgeable museum staff member can drop off the object box at your school, introducing its contents to pupils. Then boxes can be borrowed by schools for a period of time.

The object boxes we currently offer are:

World War One

  • In the Trenches — Find out what it was like to fight in the muddy and cold trenches on the Western Front by looking through a Tommy’s possessions!
  • The Global War — World War One effected the entire world. Learn about soldiers from the Commonwealth and their contribution to the war effort.
  • The Gretna Girl’s Suitcase — What items did a munitions worker at HM Factory Gretna own? A hairbrush? A autograph book? A perfume? Find out by going through a Gretna Girl’s suitcase.

World War Two

  • The Evacuee’s Suitcase — delve into the suitcase of a WW2 evacuee. Discover their most treasured possessions, and learn about life on the Home Front during War.

If you are interested in receiving one of our object boxes, please email

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