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Visiting The Devil’s Porridge Museum is a great opportunity to get children out of the classroom, igniting your pupils imagination with our fascinating historical collections and interesting and fun activities.

We offer facilitated sessions led by our experienced museum staff and volunteers, with visits tailored for First Level and Second Level Students (Key Stage 1 and 2 in England).

Our sessions link to multiple curriculum areas, supporting cross curricular learning and enriching pupils knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Our visit themes below can be tailored depending on your school needs.

Some examples of workshops we can offer are:

  • Object handling and care sessions: see and touch real historical artefacts and learn about how the museum curator cares for these items. 
  • Craft activities: make your own gas masks/design a WW1 soldiers uniform, all while learning about the historic context of these items.
World War One and a list of topics connected to it.
World War Two and a list of topics connected to it.
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