Haaf Net Fishing

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A new exhibition is now open at the Museum.   The Exhibition is about Haaf Net Fishing which has taken place on the Solway for centuries.  The Museum is located near the Solway Firth.

Haaf Net Fishing Exhibition

Haaf Net Fishing is a method of fishing which involves a wooden frame which supports the net and divides it into two pockets or ‘pokes’. The middle leg, of the three, is extended to allow fishermen to carry it easier and also allows them to tip the beam to stop the fish from escaping.

Haaf Net Exhibition

This type of fishing was once carried out in the Solway but is now limited to the river Annan, the Nith and the river Eden in Cumbria. Catching fish in this way dates back thousands of years and even dates back to the Viking Invaders, Haaf being the Norse word for Channel (or sea).

Haaf Net Exhibition

The exhibition will be open daily until the end of March 2020.

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Featured image from this website: https://www.solwayfirthpartnership.co.uk/fisheries/haaf-net-fishing/



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