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To search our directory of workers at HM Factory Gretna either enter any name, place of birth or place of death in the search box or if you know what their job was from select from the drop-down menu.

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Photo of Frederick Arthur Bird

Frederick Arthur Bird

  • In the 1881 census, Frederick is 5 years old and living in Harwich, Essex with his father Ebenezer, a widower and draper, and his siblings.
  • Frederick married Ellen Alice Rayson.
  • Newspaper Article ‘Dumfries & Galloway’, July 27 1918, p. 6.:
Photo of William Dobree Bridgman

William Dobree Bridgman

Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : William Dobree Bridgman
Gender: Male
Date and place of birth: June 1863, Little Easton, Essex
Date and Place of Death: 11th April 1938 at St Mary’s Hospital, Eastbourne
Nationality: British
Childhood: 2nd of 3 children
Parents: William Bridgman and Ann nee Dobree
Parents occupations: Park keeper
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K
Occupation: Police Officer
Place of residence at Gretna:Not known
Marital status: Married
Children: Had 5 children, 4 survived
Travels: N/K
Awards/recognitions: N/K
Positions held: N/K
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Mini Biography
William Dobree Bridgman 1863-1938
William Dobree [Dobie] Bridgman was born at Little Easton, Essex in June 1863 to William Bridgman and Ann nee Dobree.…

Photo of Ellen Catherine Bury

Ellen Catherine Bury

Information supplied through Research Project led by Nigel Crompton.


Name: Ellen Catherine Bury (Mrs) Nee Hodgson
DoB: 12 April 1868
Place of birth: Cartmel, Lancashire (South Lake District)
Parents: Thomas Graham & Mary Jane Hodgson (nee Sanderson)
Parental Home: 7 Johnson Street, Brightside, Sheffield
Siblings: Arthur Salisbury (1872-1934), Alfred Graham (1874-1945) Harold Sanderson (1876-1951), May (1879-1973) John (1880-1940) Audley Webley (1882-1941) Ernest (1884-1965)
Spouse: Edward Joseph Bury
Date of Wedding: 27 July 1899 – St Lukes, Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush
Children : Edith Elizabeth (1901-), Marjorie May (1907-19) Myrtle Joyce (1906-1985)
Marital home(s) : 350 King Street, Hammersmith
Employment: Assistant Teacher, London County Council
1911 Census: Thom leigh, 57 High Street, Chiswick
Date of death: 16 January 1922
Location: Rochford Infirmary, Essex

Gretna details
Name: Ellen Catherine Bury (Mrs)
Clock No
Date joining: 1917
Date leaving: Not known
Addresses: Women’s Police Barracks No1, Gretna (see notes)
Rank on start: PC
Promotion: No promotion
Career after: Housekeeper (the address was an inn)
1921 Census : Living at Shoulderstick, Barling, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Addresses after Gretna
1921 – The Shoulderstick, Barling Road, Barling, Essex

Additional information
Both Thomas and Mary, Ellen’s parents, were school teachers.…

Photo of Herbert Sharp Greenough

Herbert Sharp Greenough


Date and place of birth:  23 June 1890 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

Date and place of Death:  9 December 1979 Loughton, Essex

Nationality:  British

Biography:  Herbert was an only child as his father died when he was very young and his mother never remarried.

Parents:  Edwin Greenough married Mary Hannah Sharp in St.…

Photo of Elizabeth Grace Gertrude Saunders

Elizabeth Grace Gertrude Saunders

Information supplied through Research Project led by Nigel Crompton.

Name: Elizabeth Grace Gertrude Saunders
DoB: 20 June 1878
Place of birth: Walton on the Naze, Essex
Parents: Thomas & Mary Emily Anne (nee Lee)
Parental Home: Kirby Broad, Walton le Soken (better known as Walton on the Naze), Essex
Siblings: Lucy Sophia Mary (1874-1942) Thomas George (1875-1944), Philip Nathaniel (1877-1944) Charles William (1880-1950) Sophia Thomasine Ellen (1882-1958), Deborah Sarah Lloyd (1883-1974), Henry Arthur (1886-1944), Walter James (1887-1956), Caroline Anna (1890-1956) John Ebenezer (1896-1970)
Spouse: Never married
Date of Wedding: Not applicable
Children : Not applicable
Marital home(s): Not applicable
Employment: Sewing room matron
1911 Census: Magdalene Home, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Date of death: October 1955
Location: Crawley, Sussex

Gretna details
Name: Elizabeth Grace Gertrude Saunders
Clock No:
Date joining: January 1917 but might have been with older sister Lucy (see notes)
Date leaving: December 1917
Addresses: Not known
Rank on start: Could have been a Sergeant when first at Gretna
Promotion: Yes, reached rank of Sub Inspector
Career after: Oxford City Police (see notes)
1921 Census : 31 Iffley Road, Oxford (see copy)
Addresses after Gretna
1939 – The Willows, Springfield Road, Horsham, Sussex

Additional information
Elizabeth was born into the family of Thomas and Mary, having 10 siblings.…

Photo of Ernest Henry Sealey

Ernest Henry Sealey

Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Ernest Henry Sealey
Gender: Male
Date and place of birth: 6th January 1871, Dovercourt, Essex
Date and Place of Death: 24th April 1949, 4 Meriden Street, Coventry
Nationality: British
Childhood: 6th of 7 children
Parents: George and Eliza nee Paddle
Parents occupations: Builder employer
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K
Occupation: General foreman at Gretna.…

Photo of Ernest Taylor

Ernest Taylor

Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by): Ernest Harry Taylor

Gender: Male

Date and Place of Birth: December 4th 1868, Chelmsford 

Date and Place of Death: June 19th 1928, Chelmsford 

Nationality: English


Childhood: 115 High Street, Chelmsford.…

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