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Photo of Carl Edgar Ludvic Silgfield Royle Beard

Carl Edgar Ludvic Silgfield Royle Beard

Birthplace Lancashire Chorlton Place of Death Worcester



‘Edgar Beard’

Date and place of birth: 1885, Chorlton Lancashire, England


Date and place of death: 1965 Worcester, Worcestershire


Nationality: British

Biography: Edgar was an only child. He grew up in Scotland with his father, and over the years his mother and then two step-mothers.

In 1891 Census Edgar is with his biological parents John and Henriette Beard

By 1901 Census Edgar is with his father and first stepmother:

By 1911 Census Edgar is with his father and 2nd stepmother:


Parents: John Edgar Beard married 3 times:
Henriette Sester (died 1891 aged 47)
Helen Roachmann (died 1907 aged 43)
Florence Sedgeley (died 1947 aged 81)

Edgar’s father John Beard died in 1924


Parents occupation:
John Beard was a University Lecturer in Zoology. He was based at Edinburgh University for many years while Edgar was growing up.

Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: University of Edinburgh

Occupation: Chemist

Place of residence at Gretna: 100-102 Vancouver Road, Eastriggs


Job Title at Gretna: Chemist

Marital Status: Married in 1923.


Children: Nil known

Travels: Nil known

Awards/Recognitions: Nil known

Trivia/any other information:
Forwarding Address from Dornock Farewell: 8 Barton Terrace, Edinburgh

The Beard Family on Electoral Roll – 8 Barton Terrace, Edinburgh

It is apparent from numerous mentions in the Aberdeen press that Edgar and particularly his wife Florence were very involved in the Academic and Social life of their home city. They are noted as attended annual Balls and social functions as well as Society Weddings and so forth.

Dornock Farewell
British Newspaper Archive

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