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Photo of Elizabeth Sarah Ingram

Elizabeth Sarah Ingram

Matron at Gretna Hospital



Date and place of birth: 1866 Pinner, Middlesex

Date and place of death:  19 March 1935, Bournemouth, Hampshire

Nationality: British

Biography:  Elizabeth must have had an interesting upbringing as the family moved a great deal because of her father’s profession in the Royal Engineers.  Her siblings included:

Catherine Jane Ingram 1868

Ernest Robert Ingram 1870

Andrew James Westwater Ingram 1878

Parents: Andrew Ingram married Jane Levy 3 April 1865 Pinner, Middlesex

Parents occupation:  Andrew Ingram served with the Royal Engineers.

Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: Elizabeth trained as a Nurse at the Royal Infirmary Liverpool.

Occupation: The Census entries for Elizabeth show her professional journey:

1881 Age 14 – Working as a power loom lapper in a linen factory

1891 Age 24 – Working as domestic servant (maid) in Liverpool, in the house of George Watson Sherwen, a Doctor of Medicine

1901 Age 34 – Working as a Nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Bournemouth

1911 Age 44 – Matron in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Bournemouth

1921 Age 54 – Once again living in Bournemouth.

Place of residence at Gretna: Not known

Job Title at Gretna: Hospital Matron

Marital Status: Single

Children: Nil

Travels: Nil known

Awards/Recognitions: Nil known

Trivia/any other information:





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