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Photo of Ethel Place

Ethel Place

Munitions Worker in Cordite Shed
Birthplace Sunderland Date of Birth: December 2, 1900



“Mrs. Burnett”

Date and place of birth: 2 December 1900, Southwick, Sunderland, Durham

Date and place of death:  1977 Sunderland registration district.

Nationality: British

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Biography:  Ethel’s mother died when she was 5 years old.  When Ethel turned 9 years of age, her father remarried. Ethel’s new step-mother was also her Aunt Jane, her late mother’s sister so Ethel’s cousins then became her step-siblings!  Ethel also had a step brother born to her father and aunt.  This resulted in a very large family:

Ethel’s full siblings were:

Sabrah Jane Place 1892

Sarah Place 1895

William Place 1986

John Place 1898

Norman Dawson Place 1904

Ethel’s Cousins/Step-siblings were:

William Mustard 1891

John Mustard 1894

James Mustard 1899

Florence Mustard 1902

Henry Mustard 1904

Frederick Mustard 1907

Ethel’s Half-brother was:

Samuel Place 1910

Parents: William Place married Margaret Charlton 1891 Sunderland, Durham. (1871-1905)

William then married his first wife’s sister Jane Mustard nee Charlton 1909 Sunderland, Durham. Jane lost her first husband in 1907.

Parents occupation:  William Place was an iron ship wright

Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: Not known

Occupation: Jane worked in a cake shop before the war.

Place of residence at Gretna: Kitchener’s House at first but later she was in private rental in Langholm.

Job Title at Gretna: Munitions worker in cordite shed

Marital Status: Ethel married John William Cook Burnett 19 August 1898 Sunderland, Durham

Children: John and Ethel had three sons:

James Dawson Burnett 1924

John  William Cook Burnett 1926

William Place Burnett 1929

Travels: Nil Known

Awards/Recognitions: Nil known

Trivia/any other information:

Transcript pf interview given by Ethel Burnett, held by the Liddle Collection at the University of Leeds
Tape 336

Mrs E Burnett




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