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Photo of Frances Holder

Frances Holder

Constable, Women’s Police Service


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Frances Holder 

Do they already have a Wikipedia page? If yes, please paste link: No 

Gender: Female 

Date and Place of Birth: Unknown 

Date and Place of Death: Unknown 

Nationality: Unknown 

Do we have images/photos of this person?: Yes

Photo of Frances kindly shared with us by the Police Remembrance Trust.


Childhood: Unknown 

Parents: Unknown 

Parent’s occupations: Unknown 

Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: Unknown 

Occupational history (previous jobs in their career): Unknown 

Occupation: Constable 

Place of residence at Gretna: Women’s Police Barracks, Eastriggs Source: Eastriggs and Gretna Electoral Rolls, number 273, page 6 

Job title at Gretna: Constable of the Women Police at Gretna 

Marital status: Unknown 

Spouse name (including male name): Unknown 

Date of marriage: Unknown 

Place/Parish of marriage: Unknown 

Children: Unknown 

Travels: Unknown 

Awards/recognitions: Unknown 

Trivia / any other information: 

In Devil’s Porridge Museum archives: Letter to Winston Churchill from the Women’s Police Service at Gretna containing a signature by Frances Holder requesting a salary increase of 10 shillings per week and stating reasons. 

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