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Photo of James P Higginbottom

James P Higginbottom


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : James P. Higginbottom 

Gender: Male 

Date and Place of Birth: Unknown 

Date and Place of Death: Unknown 

Nationality: Unknown 



Childhood: Unknown 

Parents: Unknown 

Parent’s occupations: Unknown 

Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: Unknown 

Occupational history (previous jobs in their career): Unknown 

Occupation: Engineer Source: Eastriggs and Gretna Electoral Rolls, page 5 

Place of residence at Gretna: Wyllies Farmhouse Source: Eastriggs and Gretna Electoral Rolls, page 5

Job title at Gretna: Unknown 

Marital status: Unknown 

Spouse name (including male name): Unknown 

Date of marriage: Unknown 

Place/Parish of marriage: Unknown 

Children: Unknown 

Travels: Unknown 

Awards/recognitions: Unknown 

Trivia / any other information: 

Source: Dumfries and Galloway Standard, Wednesday 22 August 1917, Athletic Sports at Gretna – Information about James P Higginbottom participating in a race. 

‘A series of amateur athletic sports in connection with the Gretna Social and Athletic Association was held upon grounds lent by Mr Mackie, of Springfield Road, on Saturday afternoon. Despite the deluge of rain which fell prior to the meeting and an east wind a large number of spectators assembled, and showed great interest in the contests. 

The programme was long and varied. There were events for ladies, men, and children, and a number of wounded soldiers took part in competition specially adapted for them. The Fire Brigade too, completed for a silver trophy presented by Lieutenant-Colonel J. P. D. Wheatley, Carlisle, for an exhibition of skill in running out and coupling up to a hydrant three lengths of hose. Policemen and soldiers and munition workers had their own special events. The long programme was got through without delay, and at times more than one event was taking place at the same time. for instance, whilst flat racing was proceeding on one part of the course, wounded soldiers provided amusement in another corner by trimming hats, and lightweights struggled for a fall on the wrestling mat. The obstacle racing, as usual, proved decidedly amusing. On one occasion about five girls became hopelessly entangled beneath the tightened net under which they had to crawl. But the competitors freed themselves from the difficulties, and their final climb over a stationary vehicle was taken with remarkable alacrity. The firemen’s sports were watched with interest by a large number of spectators, and some close finishes were witnessed. Curiously enough, more skill was demonstrated in the heats than in the finals. No. 1 team, Mossband, carried off the honour, running out their hose and coupling up in 23 2-5th seconds, but they were closely followed by the No. 3 team, Mossband, who took only one second more to execute the task. One of the most amusing events during the afternoon was that of blind boxing by wounded soldiers. One-legged men, attired in blue, with eyes blindfolded, engaged vigorously around the ring and engaged in the pugilistic art with unseen opponents. 

A large number of wounded soldiers [] four Red Cross hospitals in the district were entertained by the association, including a numerous party from Castle-milk. They were accompanied by Lady Buchanan Jardine and Miss Violet Jardine, and during the afternoon Lady Jardine presented Mr E. Taylor, secretary, with a massive silver cup, engraved, on behalf of Sir Robert Jardine as a perpetual trophy for wrestling in the Cumberland and Westmorland style amongst the employees of the department. Miss Cotterell, lady welfare superintendent also presented a silver cup as a perpetual trophy for competition amongst the hostels. Other perpetual trophies presented to the association for competition were as follows: Football, Sir Edward Pearson; boxing, Messrs P. & W. Anderson, Ltd., and the Kestner Evaporator and Engineering Co., Limited; and tug-of-war, Messrs Babcock & Wilcox, Limited. 

The prizes to the wounded soldiers were presented early in the evening by Mrs Gilmour, who was accompanied by Mr D. Gilmour and Sir Edward Pearson. The prizes for the other events were presented by Mrs L. C. Rogers. Lieutenant Wolfe-Barry proposed a vote of thank to Mrs Rogers, and Mr W. H. Peak replied in a humorous speech. Lieutenant Wolfe Taylor thanked Mr Taylor, social secretary for his efforts in connection with the sports. The prizes, which were set out in a marque, consisted of useful articles, the majority of which were silver.

The arrangements were well carried out, and much credit was due to Mr. E. Taylor, the social secretary, for the success of the sports.

The results were as follows:’

Men’s Races

100 yards flat – Heat 4-1. J. P. Higginbottom, Eastriggs 



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