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Photo of Sarah Anne Moore

Sarah Anne Moore

Canteen Worker
Birthplace Yorkshire Castleford Date of Birth: July 8, 1873


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Sarah Ann Moore nee Hartley

Gender Female

Date and place of birth 8th July 1873, Castleford, West Yorkshire

Date and Place of Death: Not known

Nationality: British

Childhood N/K

Parents Richard and Elizabeth Hartley

Parents occupations Not known

Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K

Occupation General labourer

Place of residence at Gretna: N/K

Marital status Married

Children 4

Travels N/K

Awards/recognitions: N/K

Positions held N/K

Trivia / any other information: Went to Gretna in 1916/17 to escape husband’s violence As reported in South Yorkshire Times 2nd January 1918


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Mini Biography

Sarah Ann Moore nee Hartley 1873-

Sarah Ann Hartley was born on 8th July 1873 at Castleford, Yorkshire to Richard and Elizabeth nee ? 31st October1891- married Sidney John Moore at Pontefract registration district , Yorkshire. Sidney was born in Somerset. 1894- son born in Tredegar, Monmouthshire. 1896- daughter born in Glamorganshire 1897- son born in Castleford, West Yorkshire 1904- son born in Leeds Registration District 1901- living at Hope Street, Rotherham. Husband Sidney/Sydney John Moore a coal miner hewer. 3 children 1911- living at 7 Kirkups Buildings, Stanley, Durham 1917 – went to Gretna to work in a canteen in order to escape her violent husband. 2nd January 1918 South Yorkshire Times reported the following:-

“SWINTON MAN’S CRUELTY. Wife’s Sad Story. Sidney Moore, miner. Swinton, employed at Manvers Main Colliery, was charged with persistent cruelty to his wife. Sarah Ann Moore, of Gretna. near Carlisle. Complainant said she was married to defendant on Oct. 31st, 1891, at Pontefract Registry Office. they had three children. the youngest of whom was 25 . Defendant’s conduct to her all their married life was very cruel, and he had not worked regularly. At, one time she had supported him. After their marriage he would not work, and gave her a black eye. She left him for 16 months, going to a situation. About two and a half years ago he began to be intimate with other women. She left him and took a situation at Huddersfield. He promised amendment, and at the request of her children she returned. In April of last year he picked up an iron bar used as a poker, and broke her arm in two places. He did that because she refused to write a letter to her relatives asking for money. Last summer she complained to him about his friendship with a soldier’s wife, and he told her to mind her own business. On July 7, because she refused to give him money he dragged her about the floor and kicked her and made her black and blue. On July 8 he told her it would be a sad birthday for her. as it would be the last she would spend with him, as he had someone else to put in her place. If she was not out by the Monday noon he would kick her. out. On July defendant, accompanied by a woman, met an adopted son, aged 14, between Wath and Swinton, and told him the other woman would be kind to him, kinder than his own mother, and he was not to tell complainant he had seen her. The same day defendant assaulted her. She left him, and was now assisting at a canteen at Gretna. near Carlisle. Defendant earned about £1 per day. Laura Bradley, Queen street, Swinton, gave evidence as to the defendant’s violent towards complainant. The Bench made an order for defendant to pay complainant 25s. per week, and allowed costs, including advocate’s fee. “

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