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Photo of Thomas Grantham Cooper

Thomas Grantham Cooper



Date and place of birth: 1872 in Smethwick Registration District of Staffordshire
Date and place of death: Not known, but its possible Thomas died in Australia as the last evidence found for him can bee seen under ‘Travels’ section below.
Nationality: British
Biography: Thomas was the eldest of 8 children who grew up in Birmingham. His siblings were:
Fanny Cooper 1875
Florence Cooper 1878
Alice Cooper 1880
Frank Cooper 1882
Arthur Cooper 1884
Kate Cooper 1884
Edgar Cooper 1889
Parents: Tom Cooper married Mercy Ann Fantom 1871 Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Parents occupation: Tom worked as a Clerk
Schools Universities attended and years of attendance: Not known
Occupation: Analytical Chemist
Place of residence at Gretna: Not known
Job Title at Gretna: Chemist with the Mossband Operating Staff
Marital Status: Thomas married Edith Gwendolan Williams 1909 Llanover, Monmouthshire
Children: Thomas and Edith had one son, Edward Grantham Cooper born 1910


Mossband Farewell

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