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Photo of Thomas Manson

Thomas Manson

Munitions Worker Nitro Glycerine Plant
Birthplace Edinburgh


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Thomas Manson
Gender: Male
Date and place of birth: 1894 , Edinburgh
Date and Place of Death:Not known
Nationality: Scottish
Disability: Discharged from RGA with disability
Childhood: N/K
Parents: Not known
Parents occupations: Not known
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K
Occupation: Munition worker nitro glycerin plant
Place of residence at Gretna:N/K
Marital status: N/K
Children: Not known
Travels: N/K
Awards/recognitions: N/K
Positions held: N/K
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Mini Biography

Thomas Manson 1894

Thomas Manson was born in Edinburgh in 1894.

Discharged from Royal Garrison Artillery due to disability

August 1916 employed at Gretna as a nitro glycerine worker.

27th February 1917 imprisoned for crime as set out below. ( Dumfries prison Maxwelltown, prison records.

March 10th 1917 Dumfries and Galloway Standard reported the following :-

Dumfries on Wednesday before Sherriff Campion- Thomas Manson, nitro glycerine worker, Gretna , was charged with having , between 9th and 24th February, worn military kilt, tunic and hose, in Gretna Township, he being an unauthorised person. Mr I. F. Edgar, solicitor, tendered a plea of guilty. Mr Kissock, the Fiscal, stated that the accused was a munition worker residing at a hostel at Gretna. He had obtained possession of a Gordon Highlander kilt, hose etc and a tunic which he had borrowed from two soldiers. He was first seen with it on Friday, 9th February, when he attended a military dance. After that he kept the uniform in the hostel and had been masquerading in the township and the hostel with it on. On 24th February he again wore it at a dance in one of the huts. He understood that this sort of thing was somewhat common at Gretna, and the military authorities wished to put a stop to it. Accused had been 23 years of age , and a native of Edinburgh. He had been 8 months at Gretna and worked in the nitroglycerine factory . He had been in prison since the 27th February.
There was nothing against him so far as he was aware. Two of his friends who had the right to wear this uniform were going to this dance and he wished to go so they scraped up a uniform for him. He kept the kilt by him and used it for a second occasion. Accused was dismissed. “

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