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A person standing in the evacuee section of The Devil's Porridge Museum.

School Assemblies

By News

Did you know that only one woman in Scotland appears on a War Memorial for those who died in the First World War? Her name is Roberta Robertson and she appears on Dumfries War Memorial. What was she doing in the War? How did she die? why was she commemorated?


Have you ever considered how animals contributed to the War effort and continue to serve in conflicts around the world? Hear stories of animal bravery, learn about the Dickin Medal, and did you know that a bear served in the Second World War and then moved to Scotland?


If you’d like to arrange an assembly or presentation to your whole school or class (either in person or remotely via videolink), please email or phone us to arrange something different for your school this Armistace Day. We can guarantee unusal accounts students are not familiar with, a local perspective on the War, knowledgeable speakers with entusiasm for the subject and lots of images and objects. Hope to hear from you soon!

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