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Photo of Nora Kegg

Nora Kegg

Date of Birth: July 24, 1879 Date of Birth: August 29, 1962


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : Nora Kegg [ Kigg ] [ Kraig ] sometimes Rimmer
Gender: Female
Date and place of birth: 23rd July 1879, Whitehaven
Date and Place of Death: 29th August 1962, Whitehaven
Nationality: Father Isle of Man and mother Irish
Childhood: Impoverished – lived in now cleared slum area of Whitehaven. Middle of 5 including step and half siblings
Parents: John and Mary Jane nee Slattery. Step father Peter Rimmer – coal miner
Parents occupations: Labourer
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance:  N/K
Occupation: Tobacco factory hand / munition worker at Gretna
Place of residence at Gretna: Q West
Marital status: Unmarried
Children: None known
Travels: N/K
Awards/recognitions:  N/K
Positions held: N/k
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Mini Biography

Nora Kegg[Kigg] [Kraig] 1879-1962

Nora Kegg /Kigg/Kraig was born in Whitehaven to John and Mary Jane nee Slattery on 23rd July 1879. John was born in the Isle of Man and  Mary Jane in Ireland.

1881- living at 6 McGarry’s Buildings, Preston Quarter, Whitehaven. Nora the youngest of 3. Father a labourer. Father’s brother and family live next door.

1901- 1, Hamilton Place, Queen Street, Whitehaven. Aged 21 – no occupation. Mother widowed and remarried to Peter Rimmer a coal miner. Now 1 of 5 including a step sister and a half brother.

1911- living with sister at 13 College Arch, College Street, Whitehaven in 1 room. A factory hand in a tobacco factory.

WW1 employed at H M Factory Gretna, living at West ( source- electoral register)

1921 – Nora, George, Elizabeth and 1 other are on this record in Whitehaven

1939 – living at 36, Woodhouse , Whitehaven. Listed as Munitions worker Gretna retired.

29th August 1962- died at Whitehaven aged 83

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