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Monthly Roundup 22nd January – 18th February 2024

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A collage of three photos. These are of two bagpipers, some children with their Valentine's crafts and a young person taking part in The Twitchers Museum Adventure at The Devil's Porridge Museum. There is some text which reads "Monthly Roundup 22nd January to 18th February 2024."

Welcome back to another Monthly Roundup for The Devil’s Porridge Museum! From Burns Night to Valentine’s Crafts there’s been lots to enjoy at The Devil’s Porridge Museum. Read on to find out more.

Friday 26th January

On Friday 26th January we had our annual Burns Supper! We had haggis, highland dances and bagpipers. Thank you to everyone who came along and all those who helped to make this event a success!

Below are some photos of what happened at this event.

Monday 29th January

We were delighted to have our first school visit of 2024 today. You can read more about school visits here>

Our term time Arts and Crafts Club for young people was back on again in the afternoon. Learn more here>

Wednesday 31st January

Today the installation of our latest exhibition began. Thanks to Museum’s Galleries Scotland for their generous support of our climate change project. Below are some photos of installing the exhibition.

We were delighted to have our young curator, Riley join us to help to put up the exhibition. He designed one of the panels which is now on display as part of the exhibition. Some photos of our Young Curator, Riley and the panel he created can be seen below.

As part of the exhibition we have an activity where people can share what they are doing to tackle climate change. Take a look at some photos of this below. A huge thank you to those who let us take and share these.

Monday 5th February 

Our group of retirees, the Cordite Club were back in The Devil’s Porridge Museum again today. This week they enjoyed some fun board games.

Learn more about Cordite Club here>

Great to have our term time arts and crafts club back in The Devil’s Porridge Museum today too. Read more about this here>


Wednesday 7th February

We were delighted to have a visit from University of Glasgow, campus Dumfries today. The museum’s Office Manager, Curator and Youth and Community Engagement Officer gave the students a talk about the way the museum is run. This covered business, marketing, caution, education and the community. Below are some photos of our visit. Thank you to them for letting us share these!


Monday 12th February

Today was the start of February half term, which means the start of a very exciting trail around The Devil’s Porridge Museum from Kids in Museum’s and Walker Books.

The Twitchers Museum Adventure poster with a photo of four Twitchers books. The Kids in Museum's and Walker Books logos also feature.

The Twitchers Museum Adventure in The Devil’s Porridge Museum

Join birdwatching detectives the Twitchers and explore the beautiful birds and amazing animals in The Devil’s Porridge Museum. The Twitchers Museum Adventure from Kids in Museums and Walker Books celebrates the release of Feather, the fourth book in The Twitchers series from bestselling author M. G. Leonard. Find the birds and make your own pledge to protect wildlife. Complete the activity sheet to receive your Twitchers sticker!

Below are some photos of young people taking part in this activity in The Devil’s Porrridge Museum. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for this so far. Another thank you to everyone who allowed us to take and share these photos.

There’s still time to take part in this trail if you have not done so yet. It will be running until 25th February 2024. Remember admission into the museum is essential to take part in this activity!

We also had some fantastic free Valentine’s Day crafts for young people at The Devil’s Porridge Museum today. Take a look at what they made in the photos below!

Tuesday 13th February

Brilliant to welcome another group to The Devil’s Porridge Museum today. It was lovely to see them enjoying their visit! Please remember that groups need to book their visit in advance. Any food also for group visits also needs to be booked in advance. Learn more about group visits here>


And that’s the end of this edition of the Monthly Roundup! We’ll be back with another Monthly Roundup in March, but in the meantime you can find our last Roundup here>  Just a wee reminder that you can join in The Twitchers Museum Adventure trail at The Devil’s Porridge Museum until 25th February 2024. Learn more about this here>

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