Moorside: A Wartime Miracle


The latest publication from Gordon Routledge, author of ‘Gretna Secret’s War’ and an historian with immense knowledge of HM Factory Gretna.

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Moorside: A Wartime Miracle

By Gordon L Routledge


Dedicated to Richard Brodie, Chairman of The Devil’s Porridge Museum


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, when visiting as a war correspondent called Gretna and Eastriggs: ‘The Miracle Towns.’ In his newspaper article, for reasons of security, he referred to H.M. Factory Gretna as ‘Moorside,’ hence the title of this book.  For a factory of this magnitude to be producing Cordite within a year of its inception was indeed a miracle in itself and by reaching its maximum output of 800 tons per week by 1917 surpassed all expectations.


224 pages with black and white illustrations throughout.

Includes a chapter on The Devil’s Porridge Museum




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