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World War Two Scrapbook Donation

By News

Some of our young volunteers looked at a recent donation to the Museum this morning: two scrapbooks from World War Two.  Someone during the War carefully cut out newspaper articles and stuck them into books.  These books are now in the Museum’s care.  Here, they have chosen a selection of pages that interested them.

Jake chose this page below. ” I found this page very interesting as it tells the story of a boy – roughly my age –  called Ronnie Sanderson who worked for 14 hours after  a lodging house was bombed and destroyed. Ronnie’s mother had died in a previous Air Raid and his brother was injured and in hospital after helping in a rescue effort. Ronnie was tasked with passing on messages and also helped with moving debris. When asked about what he had done he said he did “nothing special”. At the time he was described as one of Britain’s Bravest Boys.”

Neil chose this picture because: “This picture shows the dramatic events during the evacuation at Dunkirk, it also shows shocking pictures of civilian ships carrying many troops across the channel being escorted by military vessels which I found very interesting and quite an insane sight especially considering how many men were on that beach and how many ships arrived on the coast of France to rescue them.”

Finn chose this picture because: “This article shows the devastating events in the year of 1940 during WW2, and how it show an in depth description of the events in chronological order.  An amazing donation to work with”.

Andy picked the page below and said, “I have chosen this page as it shows a time period of the War when countless people died in the War when Britain attacked Norway in the early stages of War as a strategy to obtain control of the North Sea.”

These young people are participating in our new Saturday Club: a new event each Saturday morning for young people who want to learn about how Museums work.  To find out more, email:

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