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Fabric badge from World War Two.

Mystery World War Two fabric badges

By News

Are you an expert in World War Two fabric badges or know someone who is?

We need your help!

Recently a lady brought in an old trench coat which belonged to her mother who was a Land Girl in World War Two.

On the interior of the coat there was multiple fabric badges from many different regiments of both the British and American armed forces from World War Two.

Through careful analysis of these badges and help from our good friend google most of the badges have been identified, however there are a few badges that have not. This is where we need your help. Below there are pictures of these badges and if you recognise one, we would greatly appreciate it if you could get into contact with us.  Email:

(1)                                                                          (2)
fabric badge

fabric badge 2

(3)                                                                 (4)

fabric badge 3 fabric badge 4


fabric badge 5

We hope that someone can help us with this and if anyone knows any extra information or stories about the Land Girls and their badges in their coat’s then please get into contact with us.  Thank You.



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