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WW2 Medic

A WW1 medic satchel.

WW2 Shell Dressings Satchel

By Collections blog

This WW2 Red Cross Medic Satchel is being kept in the Museums store, this would have been used by medics during the Second World War to heal soldiers wounds during battle. This satchel would usually only contain dressings to cover soldiers wounds and stop them from bleeding.

We thought that we would do some more research and find out what other equipment WW2 Medics had to carry around to try and save as many men as possible. This satchel would usually contain 12 dressings. Other items which a medic may carry include, A water bottle most likely used to clean the wounds or hydrate injured soldiers, a box of 5 morphine syrette’s which used to be injected into soldiers to reduce the pain they were suffering after receiving a wound, this would then be pinned to their collar to inform others of the dose administered. They also carried around serums to counteract against things like tetanus (which would be contracted if the soldiers had an open wound while out in the muddy fields and trenches) and gas gangrene which can be fatal and can be caused by an infection deep inside your body in muscles or organs which made the serums vital to save lives.


These items along with a few others left the medics well equipped to deal with most injuries sustained on the battlefield and helped save the lives of thousands of injured soldiers.

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