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Weekly Roundup – 31st July – 6th August 2023

By August 4th, 2023No Comments
A collage of three photos. These include some green tomatoes growing, a flower growing in The Devil's Porridge Museum Dig For Victory Garden and some more plants in the Dig for Victory Garden. The design reads "Weekly Roundup. 31st July to 6th August 2023."

It’s time for our first Weekly Roundup in August 2023! This week’s Weekly Roundup is a wee bit shorter than usual, but we’ve got some exciting workshops still to come (including scriptwriting and mocktails). Be sure to check out our events page to learn more! Read more about what’s been happening below.

Saturday 5th July 2023

Our gardening club were once again hard at work! Take a look at some of their hard work in our Dig For Victory Garden in the photos below.

A huge thank you to all the young people who come along to the gardening club and to Wendy! She is a huge help with many activities and more at The Devil’s Porridge Museum including gardening club! Our Dig For Victory Gardern wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without her!

Gardening club is ideal for children and teenagers aged up to 16 years old. Why not join us? Learn more about our gardening club and how to book your place here>

Sunday 6th August 2023

It was brilliant to have representatives of The Devil’s Porridge Museum at a local Family Funday event held in Annan. Thanks for having us!


That’s all for this week’s Weekly Roundup. Be sure to come back again next week to keep up to date with all that is happening at The Devil’s Porridge Museum. We’ve still got some events coming up at the museum, so be sure to take a look at our events page here> You can take a look back at last week’s Weekly Roundup here>


Have you had chance to visit our book box yet? You are welcome to browse the selection of books in our phone box within The Devil’s Porridge Museum’s  opening hours. A £1 donation is required per book. Current UK currancy only please! All funds raised go back into The Devil’s Porridge Museum.

Thank you to Graham for the idea and all his time and hard work on this! Another thank you to anyone who has donated books for the book box so far!

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