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Air Raid Precautions Booklet

By May 22nd, 2020No Comments
A page from an Air Raid Precautions booklet featuring the words "keep this with you always."

The First Floor of the Museum includes displays looking at the Bombing of Gretna in 1941 and the role of Civil Defence and Air Raid Precaution Wardens in World War Two.

Displays within the Museum focusing on Air Raids in World War Two.

This interesting little booklet is currently stored in the Museum’s object store.  It includes instructions on what to do ‘If Incendiary Bombs come’, ‘If Gas comes’, a rundown of different gases and their effects as well as suggestions on decontamination and the care of respirators.  We’ve copied it here in full.

The Museum has a selection of books available from its online shop which may interest you:

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