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Gretna Girls – Victoria Robertson

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Victoria Robertson in munition workers uniform.

Gretna Girls – Victoria Robertson

Victoria went to work at Gretna when she was 16. She lived in Carlisle and travelled every day to the plant, by train. She worked in the Mossband section of the Plant, and she remembers that the Carlisle train used to stop at a specially built siding, adjacent to the Plant. She was accompanied on this daily trip by her mother, who worked in what she called the ‘scrub houses’


Victoria worked in the electrical maintenance department, and because of this, she was provided with a distinctive blue uniform, consisting of mop cap, battledress jacket, trousers, and an armband, bearing the letters E.D. There were between 12 and 18 girls employed in this section, and they were supervised by a man called Mr. Forster.


The Girls worked in pairs, checking and repairing light switches and electrical ranges around the various buildings. She remembers working inside one of the shops or workbuildings, where the workers were dressed in khaki trousers and jerkins.


She particularly remembers seeing the cordite coming out of the machines like spaghetti, and also recalls how strong the fumes were.


After the war, Victoria retained her interest in the electrical works, and joined the Electrical Association for Women in Carlisle.

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