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Photo of John Burns

John Burns

Birthplace Carlisle Place of Death Carlisle Date of Birth: February 17, 1874


Full name of worker at H.M. Factory Gretna (and any other names they are known by) : John Burns
Gender: Male
Date and place of birth: 17th February 1874, Carlisle
Date and Place of Death: Q4 1954, Carlisle
Nationality:Both parents Irish
Disability : Yes- back injury led to discharge from army with disability
Childhood: Middle of 3 children plus half siblings and step siblings
Parents: John and Catherine nee Ratchford
Parents occupations: Father – not known. Mother – charwoman
Schools / universities attended and years of attendance: N/K
Occupation: Coach painter
Place of residence at Gretna:11 Lonsdale Terrace, Caldewgate, Carlisle
Marital status: Married
Children: At least 7
Travels: N/K
Awards/recognitions: N/K
Positions held: N/K
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Mini Biography

John Burns 1874-1954

John Burns was born on 17th February 1874 in Carlisle to John Burns and Catherine nee Ratchford- both Irish. The 2nd of 3 children.

1881- Living at 12 Parrs Lane, Caldewgate, Carlisle. Mother widowed and family living with John’s maternal grandparents. Mother a charwoman

1891- Mother remarried a shop porter. Living at 8 Peascod Lane, Carlisle with 3 step siblings and a half brother and half sister. John and apprentice coach painter

30th March 1901 married Mary Jane Humphries in Carlisle .Subsequently had at least 7 children.

1901- 1 Church Street, Caldewgate. A carriage painter living with wife’s grandparents. Mary is a weaver.

1911- 12 Millan Terrace, Caldewgate, Carlisle. 3 rooms. Have had 6 children, 5 surviving. A coach painter

1915 – special reserves “ got civil employment as a painter”

January 1916 – disabled back sustained during night operations at Aldershot. Patient at Redcar Hospital. Examined at Fusehill War hospital and “ released for munition work” Address given as 11 Lonsdale Terrace, Caldewgate.

1st February 1916 returned to regiment as a painter

22nd February 1917 transferred – probably began employment at Gretna around this date.

1921 – John, Mary Jane, Isabella and 8 others are on this record in Carlisle. John listed as an ex Gretna worker

1939- 24 Leatham Street, Carlisle. A motor cleaner.

Q4 1954 – died in Carlisle aged 80

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