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Medals in the museum collection

By April 13th, 2022No Comments
Four medals and a cardboard box with a letter.

On Mondays, the Devil’s Porridge Museum is very lucky to have Desray working in the office as a digitisation volunteer.  She has been going through the objects in the museum’s object store and adding them to our digital database.  Each object has its own database entry which takes around 10 minutes to create.  Desray has created hundreds of database entries on all sorts of different objects.  She is currently working her way through our collection of medals.  She found this object very interesting and here she tells us why…



These medals were sent to Mr G.H Varcoe in Lancaster on in April 1945 and were received for his service during the second world war. He has been awarded four medals, which include the 1939-45 star, the France and Germany Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal 1939-45. It was interesting to find that most of these medals were still had their original paper packaging; making them appear as if they had either been well cared for, or barely worn at all.



The lapel badge (which also belonged to Mr Varcoe) is from some unidentified regiment, or could have possibly been handmade. Its design could possibly resemble a stethoscope, a flower growing on a hill, the letter y, or some sort of snake.  One of our volunteers, Robin, has suggested that it may be a spur and therefore be associated with the cavalry.

Thanks to Desray for this blog and for everyone she does!





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