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Memories and Reflections

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Memories and Reflections by Nellie Watson book front cover.

In World War One, Helen ‘Nellie’ Watson and her sister Alice Bett from Cellardyke, Fife worked at HM Factory Gretna.  They were the daughters of a fisherman and became housemaids in hostels where the munitions girls worked.  They worked in Stevenson House which was on Vancouver Road. 

Memories and ReflectionsNellie wrote poetry for her entire life and this book shares some of her poems in the ‘Auld Scots Tongue.’  Her World War One work (and the museum) get a mention on page 136.

Memories and ReflectionsThanks to Ali Humphries, great niece of Nellie and grand-daughter of Alice for sharing this information with us and for donating a copy of the book and photographs to the museum for our records.  #WWI

Memories and Reflections

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