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New display within the Museum

By February 17th, 2020No Comments
A map on display in The Devil's Porridge Museum.

We have a new display within the Museum showing the Eastriggs depot after World War Two.  This site was originally HM Factory Gretna (the greatest munitions factory on earth in World War One).  After the War, most of the Factory plant was sold off but the land was retained by the MOD (who still own it today as ESD Eastriggs).

This aerial photograph, from Google Earth, shows Eastriggs (where the Museum is located) and the site of ESD Eastriggs on the Solway.

In World War Two, the site was used as a storage depot for weapons (we know some of the weapons from one of our local sites ended up in the USSR via the Arctic Convoys, for more detail see:  These two maps show the Eastriggs site after that period and will surely bring back memories for any who worked there or has memories of Eastriggs and area at that time.

ESD Eastriggs

Also on display in this area of the Museum is a Hawker Hurricane Rolls Royce Mark III Merlin Engine which dates from World War Two.

Thanks to Neil and Graham for creating this display (and getting the engine upstairs which was a challenge!) and to Calum for these photos and the temporary sign on the Engine (permanent interpretation panels will go on display soon).

If you are interested in World War Two in this area, this book is a must:

If you are specifically interested in the depots of Eastriggs and Longtown in World War Two, this may interest you (this booklet is contained within The Solway Military Coast book as a chapter so no need to purchase both):



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