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Old Postcards of Gretna

By April 28th, 2023No Comments
Old Parish Church at Gretna Green.

Recently the Museum was donated a large amount of postcards. Some had old photos of Carlisle and the surrounding area on them which we have already posted on our website, some had funny cartoons on them which we will post soon. These postcards have old photographs of Gretna on them and show images of the Blacksmiths shop, Gretna Hall and the old Parish Church and War Memorial. There is also an image of the Blacksmiths shop which is shown above at the top of the article.

This image shows a photo of Gretna Hall in Gretna

The image below shows the old blacksmiths shop in Gretna



The final image shows the Parish Church in Gretna with the War Memorial and Prince Charlie’s Cottage



You can see all of the old photos of Carlisle here:

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