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The Devils Porridge Museum

Animals in War Remembrance Service

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The Devil’s Porridge Museum will commemorate Remembrance Day by laying a wreath at our memorial for animals in war. We cordially invite everyone, along with their pets, to join us on Friday, November 10th, to mark this solemn occasion. Please arrive at the museum by 10:45am as the service will begin promptly at 11am.

Please note that this event will take place outside the museum. For those who plan to visit the museum itself, please be advised that our regular admission prices and rules will apply.

New Object of the Month

By Object of the Month

This months Object of the Month is a fishermans records book from Loch and Dornock dating back to 1899.

Thanks to Stuart Graham, now based in Annan, for loaning us the fisherman’s records for Loch and Dornocks Fishings. Stake net fishing and Haaf netting in Dornock and Eastriggs provided a living for many local men for hundreds of years, right up to the last quarter of the 20th Century when Loch and Dornock fisheries were purchased and closed down by a conservation trust purportedly to protect salmon stocks in our oceans.

Stuart’s great grandfather, David John Graham, was the bookeeper who kept the business’ daily account of the netsman’s hours of work and their wages. His grandfather Thomas (old Tom) and his father, William Shannon Graham, carried on the family’s fishing heritage.

The pages in the book in the years 1898-1900 show the names of the fishermen who toiled in the Solway. Perhaps they are from your family and you may have memories or photos of these or later generations who fished at Dornock. Please let us know.

Oswald Mosely in Dumfries and Galloway

By Collections blog

Welcome to the Devils Porridge Museum Podcast!


The Devils Porridge Museum Podcast has been created as part of an inter-generational oral history project. The project is now available for you to listen to online.


Through conversations and interviews, our volunteers and others from the local community will be sharing their personal stories and memories with The Devils Porridge Podcast Team.


In this weeks podcast we talked to David Dutton about Oswald Mosely and fascism in South West Scotland. David was meant to give a talk at the Museum about this subject but it was cancelled due to COVID-19 so we decided to get him on the podcast to tell his story instead!


At least in the early part of the decade Fascist ideas were not entirely beyond the political pale. Recent research suggests that the BUF made some progress in Scotland and that the south-west of the country was briefly a Fascist success story. Against this background this talk assesses the visits to Dumfries made by Sir Oswald Mosley and his Director of Propaganda, William Joyce, later notorious as Lord Haw-Haw.


If you would like to get involved in the project to share your own stories and memories or if you would like to find out more about joining our production team please contact:


You can listen to the Podcast below:


Old Postcards of Gretna

By Collections blog

Recently the Museum was donated a large amount of postcards. Some had old photos of Carlisle and the surrounding area on them which we have already posted on our website, some had funny cartoons on them which we will post soon. These postcards have old photographs of Gretna on them and show images of the Blacksmiths shop, Gretna Hall and the old Parish Church and War Memorial. There is also an image of the Blacksmiths shop which is shown above at the top of the article.

This image shows a photo of Gretna Hall in Gretna

The image below shows the old blacksmiths shop in Gretna



The final image shows the Parish Church in Gretna with the War Memorial and Prince Charlie’s Cottage



You can see all of the old photos of Carlisle here:

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