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Vintage Clock From Storage

By April 28th, 2023No Comments
Smiths Clock

This clock is being kept in the Museums store, it is a wooden mantelpiece clock made by Smiths in Great Britain. We think it is from around the 1950’s but were not sure. The clock uses a coil system which means when the clock chimes the coil is struck which makes the noise.


Smiths Clock

Smiths, then called S. Smith and Sons (Motor Accessories) Ltd, entered the domestic clock market and formed a new company, Smiths English Clocks Limited, as the clock and watch division with Cricklewood as its main factory. After this Smiths acquired many other businesses such as English Clock and Watch Manufacturers of Coventry and the Enfield Clock Co. In 1935 Smiths released the synfinity which they described as “the clock that never stops”.


Smiths Clock

Smiths made many ranges of clocks from the 1930’s to the 1970’s including Catolle, Callboy, Synfinity and the Sectronic. In 1977 Smiths carried out another reorganisation of the clock and watch division which formed two separate companies, Smiths Industries Clock Co and Smiths Industries Watch Co. Then after that in 1979 Smiths ceased to produce clocks for the domestic market.

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