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Worker at HM Factory Gretna

By April 28th, 2023No Comments
A munition worker.

Worker at HM Factory Gretna

A visitor sent this to the Museum recently, it is a photo of her grandmother who was a munitions worker at HM Factory Gretna during the First World War. They also still have their grandmothers ‘On War Service’ badge which the munitions workers received when working at the factory, each one had its own unique identification number on it which means that every single badge is different.

On War Service Badge

This is a photo of her grandmother who was called Mary Ellen Fowler. The visitor was in Gretna recently and seen the ‘On War Service’ badge which is near the outlet village and thought of her grandmother. The visitors grandmother can be seen here in her factory uniform which all of the factory workers had to wear and could not include any metal in case a spark was created which would cause an explosion as the workers were dealing with highly explosive materials.

This is one of the ‘On War Service badges which were given to the munitions workers who worked in HM Factory Gretna. Every worker was given one and each one has its own unique number on it so that it was easier to identify the workers due to there being so many of them.


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