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A Perfect Fit

By November 19th, 2019No Comments
A volunteer stood next to the museum's object of the month display.

Finally, a placement for me!

My name is Andrew Dill I am 26 years old. I started volunteering in August of 2019 after months of looking for a suitable placement.

In my short time here I have already taken part in so many activities, exhibitions and other tasks. I helped to finish and dismantle the where’s wally trail (so had to find wally first). I help with the general day to day maintenance of checking lights and if tablets are working, helping in the café and meeting and greeting visitors to the museum.

I have frequently done research on different flags from around the world and helped to display these flags and give information for visitors about the flags.

My biggest involvement so far has been on the animals at war exhibition. I done a lot of research about animals at war, finding stories on cats, horses, pigeons and dogs that were shared in the exhibition. I helped to pick out objects like medals and photos that were used in the exhibition. I helped to design a leaflet that was use to tell people about the animals at war memorial that was taking place at the Devil’s Porridge to remember all the fallen animals that helped in the war. I also took part in the filming for iTV border life about the exhibition meeting Stephen Glenncross who told us all about the pigeons and their roll in the war

I love history and I love helping at the museum as I can share my knowledge and I learn new things all the time.

The staff here at the devils porridge have been great and very helpful they have played to my strengths and helped me when needed.

I would like to work in a museum as it involves a lot of my interests. After a couple of other placements that haven’t worked out for me I am now very settled and enjoy the work I do.

I love talking to people especially about history and love to take part in different exhibitions furthering my knowledge and interests.

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