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Kenneth Bingham Quinan Part 3

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Kenneth Bingham Quinan “The Great KBQ”

1878 – 1948


KBQ was probably the most important person behind the construction and successful operation of HM Factory Gretna (the greatest munitions factory in World War One, The Devil’s Porridge Museum tells its story).

This photo shows all of the senior staff from the Dornock section of HM Factory Gretna.

Part 3: KBQ’s Management style

Quinan’s approach was meticulous. He created over 300 technical manuals and he demanded that his staff create similar exemplars. These were then circulated throughout the factories so everyone could learn from each other and understand what processes were effective. Many of them were published after the war to help spark what Quinan called “…the renaissance of chemical industry in England”

Quinan regularly met with all the technical senior staff and knew many of them well. Monthly meeting were held which all Superintendents of the Factory and Managers were expected to attend. One of the main aims of the meetings was motivation and morale, it was a chance for “…for them (the managers) to receive stimulation and encouragement which everyone who worked for him (KBQ) experienced”.

These meetings generated many documents including a twice yearly document comparing the efficiency and output of the different plants. KBQ was also looking for ways to make the munitions factories more effective.

Most of the Chemistry work at the Factory was overseen by male chemists but sometimes female workers were given some of the jobs to do as you can see in the photos above.

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