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Recent Donation to the Museum

By April 28th, 2023No Comments
The front cover of H.M. Factory Gretna Regulations Governing Employment.

We had a very interesting recent donation to the Museum which was donated by someone with family connections to HM Factory Gretna (The Devils Porridge Museum tells the story of this Factory and the 30,000 workers who were employed there during World War One). The objects in question date back to World War One and are: a Factory pass and a booklet with the title “Regulations Governing Employment. The Factory pass it particularly interesting as we have not seen one before. It looks like it could be attached around the neck via a cord and it would hold something inside it (some paperwork). This pocket is empty but we believe we have an example of the sort of thing that would go inside on display in the Museum.

The text is quite difficult to read but it says: Department of Explosives Supply, H. M. Factory, Gretna, Workers Pass, Not Transferable


We have scanned all of the pages of the booklet for you to read – hope you find it interesting!



































































































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