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Zine Making Workshop

By May 25th, 2021No Comments
Poster for a past Zine workshop which took place in June 2021.


Join us at this youth workshop to create a Zine about the life of the Gretna Girls with all the materials you need included!

Zines are DIY magazines that contain words, images, artwork and much, much more! Originating in the 1930s, Zines became a counter-cultural phenomenon in the 1980s, when riot girls rallied against sexism in punk culture in their Zines. More recently the hit Netflix movie ‘MOXIE’ has again brought Zines to the fore.


The girls and women who worked at HM Factory Gretna may have lived in a time before Zines, but they too faced hardship, danger and sexism whilst working in explosives in WW1. They also left us art and poems in their autograph books, and in the end of war magazines, the Mossband and Dornock Farewell. Using these and other documents in The Devil’s Porridge Museum’s archives, this Zine workshop will use imagined history to make the Gretna Girl’s come to life!


All you need is yourself, a creative outlook and some big ideas to take part in this fun workshop.


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